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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Foja Mountain Frogs

Photographer Tim Laman shot some brilliant photos of frogs and other wildlife in remote New Guinea's Foja Mountains.

And National Geographic made them their photos of the month.

This one happens to be a Tree frog (Nyctimystes humeralis), but you'll see quite a variety in the photo series.

And looking at it from my glass and art perspective, what appealed to me is the fine texture on the skin, seeing their feet up close so my froggy toes look more correct when I make them and what really caught my eye, is their eyes. The cornea's brown "roadmap" pattern is very intriguing to me. That even by itself, looks like something I'd like to try in glass. The color, pattern and even how it looks encased. Hmmm, something new to ponder.

If you have ideas about it that you'd like to share, post away please! And otherwise, I'll see you here tomorrow!