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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Graceful Hands in Glass

One of the many items that my teacher, Lucio Bubacco demonstrated, (or as he said, "do a performance"), were tiny little graceful hands made from glass.

The size of the hand itself, is about the same as the first joint of my pinky finger.

So you can imagine my awe in watching him not only sculpt this marvelous little treasure, but to do it with a large rod of glass. For you glass folks, this isn't our usual size that we buy in the States, but the thicker ones that are more available in Italy. Geesh!

Needless to say, practicing this was high on my agenda, and to be honest, high on my "not yet achieved" list too. My glass hands looked more like they were from some Zombie B Movie, than one owned by a prima ballerina. But they will remain on my list until I am more satisfied with how they turn out. I know the age old "practice, practice, practice, will bring my desired results....eventually.