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Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Online Branding Seminar Tomorrow

I received an email from Office Depot which offers a free 60 minute online seminar, "Avoid Legal Headaches When Branding Your Business".

More and more, I am seeing these free opportunities show up in my in box. I like that.

This one is tomorrow, (May 11) at 4 pm EST. You need to sign up in advance to get in. So... is this something that interests you? If I didn't have a private lesson scheduled, I'd be there. So tell you what, if you attend, could you let me know the highlights from it? I think this could be useful for us. I know social media is being discussed during the presentation.

And if you find out about any good FREE online seminars, let me know. I'll post them for everyone to have the opportunity.

See you tomorrow!