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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shoes- Patterns, Textures...Mix It Up!

Daily, I receive an email from, advertising their shoes du jour. Now, how I can survive this punishment and avoid going broke while perusing all the enticing shoes is beyond me.

But practicing meditation and maturity, I try to look at the ads through an artistic eye, instead of the "I wish/want" point of view. Which brings me to the focus of today's blog.

Did you happen to see how many stripe/line/color patterns and textures are on this particular model by Marc Jacobs? Wow!

And of course, I look at it as how does it relate to beads? (Can't help myself)

So all the colors, patterns, textures... just how do they relate to glass? I'm not sure exactly. But what I did notice, was that I like the smooth and woven texture together- which could be interpreted through stamps or even acid etched glass with some part of the smooth glass reserved. And the four different stripe patterns-did you notice how that caramel color unifies them? Have you made anything in glass (or another medium) that would be an interpretation of the multi patterns and textures? If so, post a link in the comments section. We'd all love to take a peek.

And I'll see you tomorrow, same time, same place...