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Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Pick 7 Bead Exchange

Oh, here I go again.  I love this "You Pick-7"  bead exchange on LampworkEtc. forum.  (It's the 7th edition, not 7 beads)  Here's how it works...You sign up to join and then post one picture for everyone in your group to interpret in a bead.  (It can be polymer clay, but most folks are lampworkers.  The pictures are quite diverse and sometimes they have special meaning.  There are 16 to a group and usually 2 or 3 groups and open to all levels of experience.

I love this exchange for a multitude of reasons.  I live that each ability of beadmaker is stretched- whether you're brand new or an old hand.  You can interpret the photos any way you want...sometimes I take a simple element and sometimes I do the entire picture.  The people involved in it have always been so nice and encouraging to everyone and it's small enough that you get to know some of the others better.

There are still some spots open in group 2.  Hope you're join us over there and stretch your skills a bit.  Oh, and here is the picture I chose.  I've always thought that it would make cool inspiration for a necklace and now I'm testing out my guess.  I just know that I'll end up with 15 interpretative beads from it.