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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snow Folks for Beads of Courage

Our Southern Flames Glass Chapter is doing a test for Beads of Courage and has committed to donating about 275 snowmen for the kids in the Atlanta hospitals who will have to stay there over the holidays.

This is my first batch along with some that I've started selling in my Studio Marcy etsy shop as well.  They are cute on necklaces, but also, I like them as holiday tree ornaments as well.

And just for a smile...imagine trying to get that many rounded body beads trying to stand up at once for a photo.  I should have shot a video as they started leaning and then would bump into another...pretty funny- like those domino videos where they all topple creating a chain reaction.  Funny!

See you tomorrow- I hope.  My computer is acting up and going into the shop today.  If you don't see me tomorrow, I'll be back as soon as it's fixed.