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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Story of the Do Over Challenge

Jewelry designer Jeannie Dukic hosted a challenge for folks to take some of her pieces and make them over in their own style.  I love doing things that stretch me and give me a new puzzle, so I decided to try.

Jeannie sent me this necklace to re-do.  It was made with her polymer clay green beads, the tassle, a few wood beads and nice chain.  I liked it the way it was, but hey, it's a Do Over Challenge.

So I studied it, (and took it apart before I photographed it, (whoops!) and then got to work.  The polymer beads were a lot of fun.  I thought if she had gone to the effort to make those, I needed to keep them.  So I lit my torch and got out my glass rods to make some coordinating beads.  

Can you tell which ones are lampwork and which are polymer?   Usually it's the other way around that their beads are made to look like lampwork, so I thought it was fun doing the opposite.

Here's a close up.  The bottom bead is mine.

So here are the others who have joined in on this challenge.  Please cut and paste the url's.  ( I think I messed up the links!)  Come check them out.