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Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Spring Fashions from NY Fashion Week

I guess I'm still intrigued by what is being shown.

This playful outfit is from Marc Jacobs' spring line.  The combination of colors and prints is pretty amazing and I'm sure would be quite a head turner if I saw this being worn in public.  (It's a potential bead, I think!)

However....  this is more what I would choose for myself from Fashion Week if I had the right figure for it.  I guess I am not a headturner at heart, but someone happy to wear quieter items.  I think these are gorgeous and sophisticated  by designer Donna Karan.  And the bottom outfit really sings to me. It  would be a joy to design some jewelry for it.  That neckline is perfect.  (and no, it wouldn't be my typical whimsical designs either.)