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Friday, October 7, 2011

Visiting Diane and Donna - Steampunk Sisters

Delightful sisters Diane Kovach and Donna Myrick are regional craft show veterans.  So when I popped by the Norcross Art Festivals, I found them right away by all the people jammed into their full to the brim, inviting booth.  Sweet!  Diane said she wished that she could chat, but they were slammed.  As a fellow glass/jewelry/craftisan, I was delighted to see that.  Hooray for great business.

Visit their etsy shop and check out not only the fun jewelry, but also Donna's new line of sweaters.  She had already sold a few when I saw her.  I saw one up close and it was very well made.

See you Sunday at  (I'm taking Saturday off to enjoy the great fall weather.)