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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Know You're A Glass Artist If...

My friend Cyndy sent me an email with "you know you're an artist, if..." . So I amended it a bit for glass artists. Please add some more to it. I know you can think up good ones.

You Know You're A Glass Artist If..
  1. You were more concerned about the color of your car than the fuel consumption.
  2. The highlights in your hair are from your glass palette.
  3. You are having lunch with the girls and you compare burn marks on your neck and arms.
  4. The only piece of new furniture you have in your home is new kiln furniture.
  5. You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel its texture.
  6. You know what shade of green the lichen on the trees is.
  7. Your favorite home repair store refuses to work with you to repaint your den, because you rename all of their paint swatches and you get upset that they don't carry the exact nuance of raw umber you had in mind.
  8. There are dip 'n go blue fingerprints on your phone.
  9. You carry didys in your purse.
  10. You have beads in your pocket.
  11. You explain your deplorably bad housekeeping by saying, "it's a work-in-progress..."
  12. You know that art does not match your sofa.
  13. Dust bunnies are part of your mixed media.
  14. You know the difference between beige, ecru, cream, off-white, and eggshell.
  15. You know more than 28 colors.


  1. Macy, I loved your post so much I "borrowed" it and rewrote the first 10 from a polymer clay artist perspective for my blog. Hope you don't mind, I gave your the credit.

  2. oh it's fun and I'm glad you amended it, just like I did from my original. post a link afterward. I'd love to see it.

  3. Sorry Marcy, just noticed I spelt your name wrong. Anyway, your post gave me the boost I needed to make a start on blogging again after a false start way back when lol.

    Here is my version:

  4. I like your version very much. and so glad that you are blogging again!!


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