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Friday, November 26, 2010

Wombats, Who Knew?

I imagine today you were expecting me to talk about "Black Friday" and shopping for hand crafted goods for the holiday this year.

No, I decided that Wombats would make a much better topic.

You see, I had never really seen one before my friend Jan started posting them on her facebook page.

Kind of cute little critters, aren't they? Actually they're Australian marsupials who dig burrows, (Check out their nails! No french manicures for them) And their marsupial pocket for their baby is backwards, so the dirt doesn't get in when they're digging. Growing to about 40" long, they are short, stout and herbivores.

So of course I've made my first Wombat lampwork glass bead, which I'll show you at another time. But first, wanted you to see these cute little creatures.
Oh, depending on what kind of wombat, they come in varying makes and models too. I like the name "hairy nosed wombat" personally.