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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is the Last Day of my Impromptu Sale

It's the last day of my 25% off Halloween Beads SALE. Anything that reminds you somehow of Halloween is subject to the discount. You just go to my Etsy shop, choose what you'd like and check out. I will send you a paypal reimbursement for the 25% off. Easy Peasy! If you question your judgment, or think I will, just write me a note and tell me why it relates to Halloween. If it doesn't really, but you write a good line of B.S., you're in! Any way it's fun and you get a great price.

I've been working hard on my Christmas and holiday line which will start filling my shop soon. So you have until midnight Nov. 2nd to pillage. I'll be shipping on Wed.

Catch you later.. and don't forget to stop by my Etsy shop to see what's available..