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Monday, April 5, 2010

Treasures- Now Available

The Ebay auctions to benefit glass bead artist and jewelry designer Michelle Goldstein and her family has gone live now and bidding is open.

For years, I have heard her name- mostly as "Meesh" and just wonderful things about her- but it sounds like life has given her lemons.

Her husband and the father of her kids is rapidly declining. She's caring around the clock for him and being young, the "back up plan" hadn't been put into place. So glass artists, jewelry artists and friends have come together to help her out.

I first found out about it, through a post by Gail Crossman Moore. Although not knowing Meesh personally, Gail's plea for help, really touched me.

And now hopefully you'll see something and help.

It was hard choosing a photo from the auctions to represent all of them. Terri Caspary Schmidt's "Bird Bead" using masked dots and etching, has always been a long term favorite. I own one similar to this and still take it out and marvel at how much I enjoy it.

I am always proud of the way the glass and jewelry artist community supports our friends- especially when needed. Hope you find a treasure that you want love too.