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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hipster Puppies and Anthropomorphism

I've always loved Boston Terriers. My friend has one named Sprocket who is dressed in leather and studs and seems quite pleased with his appearance. But his owner is a bit of a biker chick and they look pretty cute together.

Just recently, I saw this website... hipster puppies and fell in love. I haven't ever seen a dog in glasses and a scarf, and I totally fell in love. What a cutie.

So I'm asking you a couple of questions today, do you or would you dress up your pet? If so, what's the most outrageous or cutest outfit that your pet wears (or your friend's pet wears)?

Anthropomorphism (which is the term for attribution of human characteristics to a non-human being- like animals or plants) tends to always intrigue me. Whether the roots are from children's stories that I've always loved or somewhere else, I tend to smile when I see it occurring. Clothes do make the creature, whatever it is. Here is one of my beads that illustrates that. Definitely a handmade glass necklace makes her look ravishing, so to speak.

See you tomorrow for a little more fun. Right here,