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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Car Shopping- It's All In The Details

Shopping for a new car with different look?

Have I got a deal for you. (well, they're actually expensive!)

I found these cars on a movie prop website, and these are left over from one of the Flintstone movies.

I wanted you to see what they look like in the broad daylight and also to think about adding details and interest.

Of course I'd like to hear what you were thinking, but here are some of the things I noticed....

The sports car on top is embellished with faux wood and seashells to look long slung, sleek and expensive for a prehistoric times. Funny how they've achieved that, in such a chunky way. It's called a Maserocki and is available for only $55,000. (wow!)

The lower vehicle is mean to look like a SUV and the natural colors, skull like body, and massive horns do give it a rugged look. It's called a 4 Heel Drive and I can't help but imagine the old Flintstone cartoons with Fred sticking his feet out to brake when driving his car. This one is a deal...only $40,000.

The designers have done a great job to show us visually how these cavemen imaginary cars translate into our current frame of references. They add details to enhance their car's focus and point of view. I think as artists, we need to keep this in mind. Are the details extraneous that we are adding, or do they enhance what we are trying to say as an artist? It's a good point to ponder as we create.

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