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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Black Cats & Winged Hearts

I was playing around with surface design the other day and decided to try a little black cat on a bead.

Making a base bead was easy and I added a little color to what seemed rather bland standing alone. So aqua swirls joined the periwinkle base. I had considered using frit, but I preferred less contrast.

After the base bead was made and flattened, I started adding the black kitty. I wanted to mostly melt in the design, keeping part of it raised. The funny thing for me, is working with a black animal. I find I want to add either dimension, or details to bring out the features.
A bright orchid color collar helps in this instance. as well as the eyes and ears to help bring out her face.

I almost always make a small heart on the back side of my beads, if there's a place. On this one, I added some wings to not only add interest, but fill in a little space. I'm going to make more winged hearts on my beads. What is it about them, that makes them appealing?

In all, it makes a sweet little bead. Decorative and fun, it's sure to make someone smile. And that's what is important.