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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hand Stabilizers

I noticed this "Ultimate Hand Stabilizer" (large) on the ABR website. I love the idea that it's magnetic and ergonomic too.

I've noticed over the years, that various equipment is used to help give us a little steadiness, when creating detailed work. This one's simplicity intrigues me.

So I thought I'd ask you today, what do you use to support your hands when doing that teeny tiny line, or dot, that a slightly shaky hand can throw off?

I've heard stories from over turned flower pots, to aluminum foil covered toilet paper rolls, (okay, I have one, it's soft and cheap!) to a Creation Stations (I have one of those too!) and other creative solutions, whether manufactured or handmade.

Spill your guts. What do you love to use and why? If it is commercially offered, please post a link too.

We'd all love to hear what makes you work more easily, so give us a shout and tell us about it.
See you tomorrow!