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Friday, June 21, 2013

Southern Belle

 One of the joys of living in the South for me, is the scent of our flowers.  We have a huge magnolia in our backyard which smells divine.  I would love to do something with the spent pods some day.  They are really cool shapes which might be nice electro formed.

 Right now, the gardenias are ending their time in the sun.  Love their soft, ethereal beauty.  Their fragrance is nice too.  Funny, I really enjoy the scents from the flowers, but I don't really prefer floral perfume.  I am more of a citrus or spice type.

And gearing up for the next display are my blue and purple hydrangeas.  The purples are my favorites. Kind of like ink blue in our soft glass palette.  

But not all of our trees are ones we want to smell.  Outside of our neighborhood, pear trees line the street.  Pretty enough in the early Spring, but my kids used to tell me, "the stinky fish trees smell awful when we walk past them on our way home from school."

Do you have a favorite easy to grow plant or tree which smells great?  I always am open to adding to my simple backyard.