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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lights Out...Tornado Warnings

Sing along with me, "it was a rainy night in Georgia"....
Last night was a little eventful, but we were lucky.

Well, the storm that blew through Atlanta last night was full of wind, rain, trees down, tornado sirens and more than enough minor drama to last me for the summer.  Our electricity flicked quite a few times and finally went out.  I hadn't been in a dark house with no air conditioning at night (yikes!) in quite a while.

I'm glad my phone and iPad were charged, but sad they didn't work too well, as I didn't have a battery operated radio to find out what was going on outside.  My cat Zeus and I (and eventually Keith), were in a basement windowless room staying safe.

So when the noise died down, of course we went exploring. Keith needed to charge his phone through his truck, so we went for a drive to see what happened.  I caught this sunset on my iPad so you could see how vibrant it was and the cool clouds.

So today, I'll fix up a "Storm Box" that I didn't have together before.  I already have a few flashlights, candles and lighters.  But I'm going to dig out my old squirt bottle battery operated fans for it, too.  And maybe a pack of cards and an unread paperback novel.  And a list of things I need to gather up quickly next time...

And one thing I learned last night...showering by candlelight is kind of fun.  Think I won't wait for a storm to do that again.