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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dragonwort or Stink Lily...Not Sure Either Is A Descriptive Name

Last night on a walk with my friend Shannon, we came across this more unusual very large purple projecting plant.  Of course there were the jokes, but it made me wonder about it and it's name.

Upon a little research, (can you imagine what I googled?), I found that it has quite a few names, among them Dragonwort and Stink Lily.  Here is the leaf which is quite large as well.
If I figured it out correctly, the plant's real name is Dracunculus Vulgaris.  The large purple leaf at the base of the spadex has almost a velvety feel to it. (Of course I had to touch it.)

Another interesting fact is that this plant is usually found in the around Crete. So what was it doing in Roswell Georgia?

I dunno.  But it was fun to see it in person and you can bet I'm going to go back and check on it in the future.  We'll see whether it unfurls a little, changes growth direction or perhaps I need a photo of when it wilts.  Yes, probably more elementary school jokes will ensue.

Hope to see you soon.  Today, I am looking into the start of migrating my blog over to another server, and changing up my website.  It's time to make it one with all and get back to more glass discussion and a little less gardening.  

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