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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Technicolor Quick Challenges

I was torching with a friend one day and we decided to have what we called a "Pier One Quick Challenge".  I had their holiday catalogue in my bag.  So we each picked one item for both of us to interpret in glass.  We just wanted the "theme" and not the specific item. So we had a quick peek and then shut the book.

This is "peacocks off mandrel"  and here is my interpretation.  I made his tail feathers primarily transparent, so he could sit on a window ledge and glow.  It worked.  this will be posted in my Etsy shop later today.  I'm thinking if I were to revisit this one, I'd of course spend more time planning, but also might acid etch the tail for a different look. 

My friend chose a Zen Turtle for the challenge.  I'll find it and post it another day.  It was a funny one too, because my turtle looked like it was part frog.  Amphibian- no need to quibble!  See you tomorrow.