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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions? Maybe More Like Intentions

Ah, it's that time of the year.  Everyone talks about them, but how many are able to follow through and complete their resolutions?  I know I've got plenty of room for improvement.

I think it's semantics, but as of a few years ago, I started writing "Intentions".  I wanted a bigger picture focus, instead of a "to do" list.

So once again, I'm hitting the key concepts for this year.
• Be Kind and Express & Practice Appreciation More.  I do this pretty well, but I want to do more.  Some of it will be through Beads of Courage.  I can make a small difference in this world by helping them.
• Reduce- yeah of course myself plus some of the contents of my house.  This will give me more time for creative projects in the long run.
• Create Bigger - sounds funny with the above, but I want to go bigger with my art- concepts, size and details.
• Teach more.  I love sharing my knowledge and love seeing the smiles and happiness of my students.

So there you have it.  Have you written out your intentions or focus yet?  I'd love for you to post a link to your blog or where you've written them down.

Sometimes doing it publicly makes it more of a priority.  Other people have seen what you intend to do.  And honestly, not everyone can make it 12 months.  I know I lose focus, but aren't you better even if you do it for 3 months or 6 months, or whatever? It's not like you're hurting yourself by working on improvement.