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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Murrines with Calories

Monday, I was downtown with my friend, Heather visiting the Atlanta Gift Show. (More about it in another post). One of the companies was demonstrating their candy making,so we stopped to watch. It was just like glass murine making, except out of sugar!

We watched him form the core and roll the colored sugars on a heated "table marver". He would add layers of color, essentially encasing the previous addition. And then he rolled and stretched it- often by gravity to his desired circumference and chopped all the samples from those.

Yes-.murrines with calories.

Here are some photos from the demo and their display of antique candy machines really had me wishing that they would demo those too. And I already checked. Any other antique machines are hard to come by and very pricey. Darn it. I really thought it would be cool to try some with glass.

See you tomorrow!

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