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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Southern Flames & Sara Beach Demo

My friend Sara Beach did the demo at Southern Flames last night.  She was blowing sweet little pendant sized bottles from borosilicate tubing.   And what a great demo it was too.  She brought lots of examples and made three little bottles.  One sign of a successful demo is that it makes the viewer want to try it.  I'll do it.

I love the ease of these local, regionalized meetings.  You see your friends, you chat about glass and then get to watch someone melt glass and show you what they love to do.

But I am sad that our membership is fading.  What used to be a vibrant, energized group, has shrunken down to quite small and now they are not sure how they will maintain their meetings, pay for the space and what direction they should go.

Is anyone else in a group like this?  The energy seems to be waning and yet the volunteers are still working hard to bring you a monthly program that is interesting and relevant. Let me know what you are doing to keep the spark going.