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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Elegant Elf Show- Visit Today

In case you're near the Atlanta metro area, today is my final day at the Elegant Elf show in Sandy Springs from 9 - 5 today.  I really am enjoying the other vendors there as well.  I am across the aisle from Susan McDuffie, whose work is lovely.  She has a wrap that keeps beckoning me as I look out across the aisle.

And then there is character extraordinaire, Jake of 2 Jakes Knives, who makes gorgeous handmade knives.  Many with antler handles.  We don't have a need for that, but they really are gorgeous and he has a wonderful sense of humor.

So pop by, if you can.  I've made other friends there too, and of course in the artisan way, I have traded with others, and gotten a little holiday shopping done.  I love that aspect.  It is win/win for all of us.

See you Monday.  I'm taking tomorrow off to put my feet up.