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Friday, November 2, 2012

Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show- Woot!

I am so excited because today is the opening of the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show.  I go each year with some of my good friends to enjoy the show and lunch afterward.

One of the reasons I love it so much, is that Carolyn Morris Bach will be there.  There is something about her work that I totally adore.  There is always a group at her booth salivating (and buying).  I tend to be one of them.  Perhaps it's her love of owls and birds on her pieces that make us a small bit kindred spirits.  I always love to see nature incorporated in jewelry.

Another favorite is Ricky Frank who creates lovely contemporary enamel pieces.  My good friends and I are going to take one of his classes next year.  It is an art form, I would love to explore.  I think it's his use of gorgeous colors that entrances me as well as his color blending.  I seem to go back to my roots of watercolors often where the blending and colors play such an important role.

So as you're reading this, I'm probably thinking about how the various 28 jewelry artists have inspired me somehow.  And look for some of that inspiration to leak out after the first of the year when I have a chance to have a bit of a breather after the holiday season.  Who knows what  that will bring.

Meanwhile, check out the links above and do a little dreaming yourself.