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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Costume from Halloween

Meet Danielle wearing her Halloween costume which is a strand of Beads of Courage beads.  What a wonderful costume!

 I had the joy of meeting and then making Danielle's Beads of Courage Dream Bead in person with her at FlameTree Glass in Roswell, GA.  It was so much fun sitting with her in person and having her choose the exact color of glass that she wanted for her bead.  Danielle is one courageous girl whose sparkling personality lights up the room and her costume says it all.

And of course a quick reminder...if you have some spare lampwork beads that can be donated to the program, they are always needing more.  3/32 clean holes in them and no sharp edges or metals used on the exterior of the glass.  From what I've seen, kids like everything.  So if you aren't sure they will, send it any way.  I watched a boy look through hundreds of beads and then pick out a plain blue one that was exactly what he was hoping for.  His favorite color and he thought it was perfect.  So send them all in, please.  Here is the Donation Information.

See you tomorrow.