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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Southern Flames Bead Exchange- Lucky Me!

Last week, our Southern Flames chapter of beadmakers met for our super fun annual bead exchange.  Of course, the word "exchange" is used loosely, because it's that old game of everyone put something in the center and take turns either opening up a newly wrapped package or stealing from someone else.

 This time, I stole.  Sylvie Lansdowne makes these funny "unfortunate pets" beads, and this drawer pull with a kitty was her exchange bead this year.  It makes me smile.

I am thinking this might end up becoming one of my drawer pulls in my studio.  I might just need to buy a companion to make it a pet set.  Or perhaps fix up my old studio dresser and collect a variety of drawer pulls from my glass friends...

See you tomorrow!


  1. That is very pretty and you are REALLY lucky!

  2. You really are lucky!! Great job!!


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