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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rooster Beads

I just had a request for a glass rooster lampwork focal bead.  I wanted to show you how Google is such a big help as I design what I want to create.

For this one, I chose a face close up, to get the eyes and those hanging things (ha ha, I am such a technical person), as well as a good look at a the comb.  (I got one of the terms correct!)

And then I chose two real roosters as much for their coloring as well as their profile.  I love how the shape reminds me a bit of a heart.  And the final two pictures include two that aren't real.  I like to see how other artists capture the essence of what they see as important to the bird.

What I don't do, is look at other glass artists' renditions of roosters.  Even though this is a special request from Beads of Courage, I don't want to even accidentally take on any characteristics of their work.  I want to keep it my own.  If I happen to end up with a similar style that has been done, I always know in my mind that there wasn't an influence from my glass friends.

Is this the way you work too?  Would love to hear about it.  (or if you know what those hangy down thingys are called.)

Now I'm off to make one or two and get them in the kiln.  I'll show you the results in a day or two.