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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall Colors in 104 COE Glass

I've been looking at the Pantone fashion Color Report for Fall 2012 and seeing a good number of the hues are already represented in my glass palette.  Have you been thinking about that, too?

I kind of like Messy Glass's Mink for the French Roast and their Stone Ground for the Honey Gold shade.

Pink Flambe (where did that accent mark go?) has me a bit stumped.  I'm contemplating on that one.  No simple solution, but a combination to make it.  (Kathy Seamands- can you hear me?  Could you please make this one, please?)

Tangerine Tango makes me think of Clockwork and Pantone's Ultramarine Green looks like Messy's Jade Palace to me.  The Bright Chartreause I'd head over to Vetrofond's Verde Muschio  Oh I love that color.  Not for it alone, but how it is found in nature and works to make so many other colors pop!

Olympian Blue reminds me of Electric Avenue (CiM) and Titanium could be Effetre's Dark Gray or perhaps Oliphaunt (Ltd. Run CiM).  Rhapsody could be a paler hue of Evil Queen or maybe Effetre's Soft Violet/New Violet.  And finally, Rose Smoke looks like my Vetrofond Seashell might work or perhaps Messy's Chai which is a Limited Run.

I am so open to other interpretations.  Have a better color match?  Please post and let all of us know.  I know there are always more possibilities and interpretations.  Now let's all get out there and sell some beads!  Working with the Fall Colors, might just increase our sales.

See you soon!