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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiki Time!

All households do things differently and mine is no different.  We celebrate occasions as we choose and Saturday night happened to be a partial Mothers Day for me.  I'm selling at the Dunwoody Arts Festival on Mothers Day weekend, so my son suggested that the weekend prior would be a good idea.

And being a rather non traditional family, I chose Trader Vic's in Atlanta for my restaurant of choice.  You see, way back, (about the time dinosaurs lived), I used to go the one in NYC with my Dad as a treat.  I have great memories from how magical it felt as a little  and credit it to my enjoyment of a good drink in a coconut with a colorful paper umbrella.

I found that the Atlanta one was different, but fun.  The magic was still there though.  One of the big reasons I chose it, is because my adult son, Grant, loves anything tiki.  And that is the place for it.  His eyes lit up when we walked in and it was a blast watching him have a good time. From the tiki decor to the music and of course these old school wood fired ovens, the charm was still there, but different.

Hope you had as nice a weekend as I did.  See you tomorrow!