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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post Cinco de Mayo Wrap UP

I know for many people, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse to drink a few more margaritas and eat Mexican food. (not guilty this year, but look out 2013!)

But I wanted to bring to your attention, a fashion statement that is currently popular in northern Mexico.  They are called guarachero boots and personally, I love seeing them!

They look like something Dr. Seuss would have invented, had he written books that needed a cowboy in it or perhaps one of his creatures who needed to rock or ski leaning forward.  I do wish they would embellish the tips more, don't you?

I haven't seen them up close and in person, but  know I would be staring if I did and of course asking questions.  But to me, it's high time men got the opportunity to wear shoes that are out there.  It shouldn't be all up to women.