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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Mixing Glass

Perhaps it's my old watercolor painting influence, but I love custom mixing colors in glass.  Whether it's actually mixing the two together, or layering transparents over opaques, it's always fun to see if I can get an exact shade that I am seeking.  

I mingle Vetrofond, Effetre, CiM and even some Devardi into my mixes.  Some play together better than others.  It doesn't seem to depend on the brand, but more the actual specific glass color.

And since I do this so freely, I also am teaching a class on color mixing.  My first class was in Austin at Blue Moon.  It was designed for non torch users- like mosaicists and fusers who could translate it into use for their specific projects.  But I was surprised at the number of flameworkers who signed up too.

Just wanted to show you a few and ask you, if you mix glass colors or layer, what are some of your favorite combinations?  


  1. Excellent post Marcie, I mix my glasses too. My current personal favourite is Effetre trans yellow over Effetre trans pink it makes a gorgeous shade of peach.

  2. Mixing colors is a challenge. I'm used to mixing pigments like paint. Glass is a whole different thing. :-( I keep trying to find a formula for a golden tan and one that's a bit redder. I need them for my custom dog portraits. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Marcy. I'm right there with you...I just wrote in my 'journal' last night "I love color mixing" as I brainstormed some gradating color murinni for a mini mosaic! Currently I have been working with simple bullseye style cane for my color layering and really love clear covered with white and then CIM ocean blue. Not much of a mix but it comes out nice when pulled and cut into murinni. Not so favorite have been the EIGHT mixings of various colors to achieve a good flesh tone that doesn't go transparent. I have Drew Fritts marble book that has MANY recipes for Effetre that give me a jumping off point. Yay color mixing!!! How do you catalog your recipes?

  4. Hi Vicki. I agree that some of those are hard. If you tell me which breed of dog, I can give you a better idea. but just in general, I tend to use CiM stoneground as a starting point for golden colors. and often use Effetre red roof tile as a base for the redder colors. I do the custom dogs too, (as well as cats and just about anything else. My hardest time was when someone wanted family faces and each one had a different color red hair. Yikes!

    Hi Lori, I am glad that you are trying so much. I don't catalog, but I do keep "ends" which show me which colors I used.


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