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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Mixing Glass

Perhaps it's my old watercolor painting influence, but I love custom mixing colors in glass.  Whether it's actually mixing the two together, or layering transparents over opaques, it's always fun to see if I can get an exact shade that I am seeking.  

I mingle Vetrofond, Effetre, CiM and even some Devardi into my mixes.  Some play together better than others.  It doesn't seem to depend on the brand, but more the actual specific glass color.

And since I do this so freely, I also am teaching a class on color mixing.  My first class was in Austin at Blue Moon.  It was designed for non torch users- like mosaicists and fusers who could translate it into use for their specific projects.  But I was surprised at the number of flameworkers who signed up too.

Just wanted to show you a few and ask you, if you mix glass colors or layer, what are some of your favorite combinations?