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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping with Amy

I had a great time shopping with Amy the other day.  We went to the fabric/craft store to look for fabrics for her selling tent.  It was fun comparing and discussing the different hues and how they would go with her current and future displays.  (and I wouldn't feel right taking a photo of her new stuff, because, well, it's her news to share, not mine.)

But while we were poking around, this darling face was staring at me.  I snapped a quick phone show and he will be a bead, I promise.  What a cutie pie.

We also went to World Market- which is one of my favorite stores.  You would never know I have lived in suburbia most of my life the way I am drawn to the exotic furniture and crafts.  I keep think how much I'd love to have an unlimited budget to redo a room in that style... or maybe just add some major accents.

And of course we "did lunch" afterward.  A cute little tucked away french restaurant before heading home to rejoin the real world, darn it.  But I did.  

See you tomorrow!