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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Heather Does the Twist and You Can Too!

In all honesty, I can not attest for teacher and glass beadmaker Heather Trimlett's ability to perform that famous retro dance from the 60's, but I can tell you she is an expert when it comes to twisting molten glass into gorgeous, symmetrical non-dog-boned lengths.  I don't know about you, but I'm a bit jealous.  

Well, we're in luck.  Heather has an awesome Twist tutorial that is available on her website,  And just like her classes, it is beautifully done, thorough, easy to  understand and filled with lots of extras like tips, step by step clear photos, FAQ's and even a supply list with photos.  

And if you are very experienced, it's a nice refresher course with probably a little new info and reminders.  I love her photos of her variety of filigrana applications- showing me what happens when you apply multiples.  Now of course I will not share my copy with others, but I know some of her hints will probably creep into my classes for private students.  I've taken two classes with Heather (in person) and loved her teaching style.  You can almost see the lightbulbs going off as she's showing and explaining her techniques.

So not only does Heather has this marvelous tutorial but I found that she has others too.  I don't know how I had missed them before, but three others are available as well.  "Foundations, Foundations, Foundations" (no tummy control, but great glass flamework basics), "Dots!" and "Bumps!"  Classic, techniques used in our beadmaking.  Sweet.

So don't expect dancing on these downloads, but do expect high quality, excellent information.  Hope you take a few minutes and check them out.