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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Donation Form? Here's How To Find It.

So I was getting my spare flamework glass bead donation together for Beads of Courage- you know they always need more "Acts of Courage" beads.  The ones that can be anything- as long as no sharp edges, fumed or silver glass and safe for kids.

And boy, do I have plenty of those.  

So I emailed my friend the Bead Czar (Ha, ha he does have a different title, but I like this one better) and asked whether I could give them to him at FlameTree Glass's Beads of Courage beadmaking day this Saturday.  Well, we figured that this load of them can fill a box, and they should head out early.

But in closing, Robert told me to remember to fill out "the form".  And my mouth almost dropped open, (relief that it didn't)  and asked him, "What form?"  I have never filled one out to my recollection.

Well here it is.  ( I made the url much shorter, and easy for you to remember, in case you don't see it on the website.)  You could even print off a few and have them ready to go in advance.  

And I'm adding tags- BOC donation form, donate lampwork beads, Beads of Courage to this blog post, so you can come back and find the link if you misplace it.  (That's what I do.  I added the search function as much as for myself, as all you readers.)

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