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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fishing Around for Inspiration

So what kind of shops do you go to for inspiration?  I hadn't been into a salt water fish store for a long time, so I popped in to have a look.  I love the big fish especially, or the ones with the bright colors and beautiful patterns.

This one wanted to be my new BFF.  He kept coming over to have a better look.  Right up against the glass.  I've never really noticed any alive thing with real blue lips before.  Pretty awesome (and one of my favorite colors too!) 

And the colors- I think this moving item (what is it anyhow?) was gorgeous.  It is my inspiration for Fall colors. I love the warm, rich shades - red, purple and gold together.  And the shape would make a gorgeous bead too.  Watch for this one!

So what do I find in a store like this?  A lot!  I find nature's gorgeous color combinations and patterns.  I find shapes not only in the fish, but in the corals, and that unnamed purple/red/gold unit that I love, and I even saw some little creepy crawly things that looked like they could be inspiration for Halloween, when it comes around.  Not bad for a quick visit.

So tell me, where do you like to go for off beat inspiration?  We'd all like to hear.  See you tomorrow on my blog,