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Monday, July 18, 2011

Grape Expectations

I see my entire family together for about a week each year.  That's part of having kids grow up and live in other places.  So yesterday,  my week of having everyone together began.  

We try to do different things each year.  Last year, we went sky diving together.  This year, we chose to go the Georgia mountains and experience some wine tastings and lunch on a patio..

We visited two wineries.  Wolf and Frogtown.  As I am not a big wine drinker, I had  tastes of my daughter's  and my son's.  (I know sampling small bites of food from other's plates  used to be called "grazing".  Wonder what sips are called? )  It must have been a good weekend for it, because both places were packed. 

I enjoyed looking at the grapes growing on their vines as evidenced above.  That photo was taken from my phone.  They said probably an early harvest this year, due to all the rain and warm weather.  

And some of the decor was rather interesting too.  This little guy was a tiny detail on wooden cupboard that looks like an antique German piece.  It had carved hunters, animals and of course cherubs with horns.
And this was one of the vat rooms Wolf Wineries.  It would have been fun to learn more about this on a tour, but they seemed pretty busy with their restaurant serving Sunday brunch and the tastings.  Maybe another time.  

But we all had a great time being together.  And that was the object of the family trip to the mountains.  An opportunity for lots of conversation, teasing and of course memories.  What a great day.