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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bling Rings on Sale HERE!

I love making rings with my lampwork glass.  These use adjustable bases.  Some have a sterling silver base and others are base metal in silver or gold tones.  But each has one of my lampwork glass pieces on it. The sterling ones are the shells, pie, dog face, palm tree and bird.  The flowers are all on the other base metal style of ring.

They are on sale right now, so I have room in my tray for some new models.  (more sculptural ones, of course!)  If you are interested, you can shoot me an email HERE and first email will get it.  I have great little ring boxes for presentation as well as protection to send them in too.

The pricing is as follows...Sterling rings are on sale for $20 and the flowers are $15.  Shipping in the US is $3.00 and insurance is extra.  Outside of the US, it will be actual cost to ship plus $1.25 for packaging materials. (you can tell, I'm trying to keep the costs down)

You can identify them by Rows top to bottom (A,B,C & D) and then across (1-5)  Easy peasy.  For example, the coral bird will be C-3.

Let me know what you'd like.  The sale goes through this Saturday.  Hope you find a great little gift at an even better price.  I will post on the blog, in the comment section as to what is still available.
ps...the top left ring just sold. A-1.  Thanks!

See you tomorrow!