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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Class at the Gathering

Today is my last day of Robert Dancik's class here at the Gathering.  I'm sad it's almost over.  We're doing a variety of things in a "cold connections" concept.  From riveting, to using Robert's "Faux Bone" material, as pictured above in one of the cuffs he uses as an example.  (Mine is nowhere as cool, but I did understand the technique and really enjoyed it.

So today we'll be looking at paper mache and concrete for holding or connecting other materials.  I'm looking forward to that too.  

I highly recommend class with Robert.  He's a delightful teacher who really works hard to give you everything he can.  And oh so patient...I know that from experience as I put my saw blade in backwards first's all new to me, and what a great place to learn so many new techniques and skills.

See you tomorrow!