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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jewelry Makers...One-Step Crimper Plier?

Has anyone else seen the advertisement and mini video for the One-Step Crimper Plier?  Are you tempted?

As a part time jewelry maker, I am always looking for ideas that will foolproof my not-quite-as experienced ways.  I see this advertised and wonder, "is this the tool for me?"

Have you tried it?  Do you want to?  What technique do you prefer to use for crimping?
(and as primarily a lampwork beadmaker, of course I looked at this and wondered what it would do if I put hot glass in it and squeezed the handles.  I'm always testing tools for that kind of thing.)

I'm trying to figure out whether this will get some of my hard earned money or not.  Would you consider buying it?  Why or why not?