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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kandice Seeber's Glass Tutorials

You know, I've been a fan of Kandice Seeber and her beadmaking for a long time. Her website with Kimberly Affleck,, contains their tutorials, and her personal website, has her own items. ( I really like her blog, too.

Recently, I saw that she has added tutorials to her Etsy website, air & earth designs, so I started cruising through and liked what I saw. "Decorating with Stringer", "Pearly Pink Floral Rounds", "Making Encased Floral Beads", "Making Simple Raised Flower Beads", "Glass Color Families: Pinks" and "Making Encased Stripe Beads" were the titles I found, and if the others are anything like the one I chose, (encased floral rounds), you're in for a great time.

I really like that the tutorial is complete. It has wonderfully clear photos that are large. With my middle age vision, I can still see it all. And the explanations and details have everything and more, that I thought would be included.

Kandice tells you what should happen, and the contingencies, if it doesn't. She explains fully what you should do, and how to do it and even what not to do. I like that. Leaves no room for guessing.

So my suggestion is that you check out her Etsy shop and the tutorials in it. She says that they are made for "Novices & Intermediates", but old hands like me, just might enjoy them too.

See you tomorrow...