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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clover and Hallie- Balancing Act

Meet Clover and Hallie. I know, it's an odd angle for a photo, but these girls have been doing this balancing act for a while and wanted a new perspective. Clover has been working out with her ear weights and now has great muscle tone to balance Hallie. If you read the story about them in my Etsy shop, you'll understand, that there's a lot more to the story.

But let's chat from a glass artist point of view now. Although it would be classified as whimsical sculpture, to me, this is a mini study in heat control. These two beads were made at once on the same mandrel with the hole going through both of them. I used a minor burner with a 10 lpm concentrator. When I teach classes, so much of what I teach is how to control your glass and have it do what you want. (ha ha, wishful thinking sometimes) but when it comes to sculpture. Know the temperature of each part of what you're doing is important. It's kind of like its own balancing act.

See you tomorrow. Gotta go balance my life, while I'm at it.