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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gathering Goodies

I wanted to show you most of my Gathering purchases this year. I've accumulated a lot of tools and fun toys over the years, so some of my choices were planned and others were whim.

From top to bottom and left to right, (kind of) - my new CIM glass from Frantz. There were some colors there that just sang to me. Soft, gentle whispers of glass that will be so pretty in my beads.

And you'll see some sleeves laying on top of the glass. I teach private lessons to younger students. And sometimes, they're a little afraid of the flame. I pop them into my leather apron, but wanted additional protection. The sleeves should help them feel more safe and secure when torching.

There's a little plier type tool with two facing sharp points. I have no idea what it's called and what exactly I will use it for, but it looks interesting. I also bought 2 large cone shaped mandrels. I will enjoy using these. Again- it probably won't be for traditional usage. I use smaller ones for bobbleheads and think these might be used in a similar manner.

And can you see the oval hollow tube? It looks like someone just flattened one end. it will make great oval interior beads that will slide onto flatter ribbons and watch bands, etc. but I want to experiment with it too. I've got ideas- just need time to experiment.

On the bottom left is a package of Gathering postcards. Each year I buy a package and felt quite honored that my postcard was chosen to be on top. How lucky was that!! But I have to say, there were a lot of gorgeous individual and group photos. Katherine Wadsworth's postcard beads are always a standout for me.

You'll also see a disk with The Flow magazine on it. I re-subscribed and bought some back issues. I am resolved to keep up with my subscription. I love the magazine want to do more with it.

And I wanted to point out a gift on the far right. At open torch, Jeb and Julie of Double Helix Glass gave away samples of their fabulous silver glass. What a generous and very appreciated gesture. They were so organized, they had also printed out labels, so we would be able to keep all straight. Very impressive and that kindness has made me want to do more with their glass.

And finally, not pictured, but much anticipated--- an additional concentrator that Ross from ABR Imagery will be shipping to me. I want to tie it together with my existing one and see if I can get enough power to fire up some of my bigger torches. When forming my last big project, I had a heck of a time working within my smaller flame. It will be nice having an option for more complex pieces.