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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Glass Pinecones...Collaboration with Mother Nature

Pine cones have always intrigued me. Whether it's picking them up and just admiring their symmetry and form or the cinnamon scented giant ones scattered around the house during the holidays. (I have to admit, I do buy those and like them)

So it was no surprise to me, that I decided it was time to figure out how I wanted to make them. Maureen McRorie from FlameTree Glass asked that I teach a half day "Autumn" class and the subject matter was up to me and pine cones seemed like a natural fit. (By the way, the class still has a few spaces left- here's the info) And of course, I wanted to try my hand at coming up with some slightly different fall leaves. The final item, was up in the air...."pumpkins" seems like the typical choice, but they might be taught in a Halloween class, so I added acorns with a different twist as well. Their little chubby shape always delights me. (oh it is so hard refraining from making them into little faces with the caps as hats).

So here is a sample of my glass pine cone bead. I am now stocking them in my Etsy shop and they come in different sizes and with a slight variation in shapes, colors, etc. They have a 1/16th hole and different configurations for custom orders are always welcome.

Stay tuned for another post on the bails that look like tree branches that I designed for them. Versatile and fun, if I do say so myself!