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Monday, July 12, 2010

Problems Casing

Glass Hotline just closed. A friend called who is having a problem with clear casing her pink BE - After making the base bead and cooling it, the clear still lifts a little of the pink and makes it a bit cloudy underneath. She's tried just about everything. If someone has had this happen and has a different type of solution, post please. She's tried all the basic remedies, cool the base more, heat/and or/ cool the clear encasing, marver differently, case with thin layer first and then add on, case with stringer, turn down the flame, geesh, running out of ideas. grasping at straws, I told her to do a compatibility test just to see what happens, try casing with the pale pink tint, and also to try lollipop encasing.

Help me out here folks...any ideas?