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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beaded Object for the Gathering

Our Southern Flames beadmaking group has decided to do a group entry place setting in this year's Gathering Beaded Object contest. Our theme is "The South" and I have a large tablespoon to decorate.

After much contemplation, I chose a mama possum with a baby riding on her back. You see, coke and ice tea was taken. Grits and boiled peanuts just don't translate well into beads either.

And possums, well, they live right around here and are cute in a very ugly way.

One time, there were squirrels that were eating our brand new roof. It was making our family crazy, so I put out live traps to try to catch them. (don't worry, animals just get relocated, not hurt when this is done.)

So the first morning, I was excited to go see if I caught one and lo and behold, there was a possum in my trap. Yikes! That little chubby one got relocated down by the river where it would have lots of food.

So I set out the trap again the next day- stocked with delicious food I must say, and checked it the next here's another possum in it. (definitely not the first one again), so this one too was relocated to where its buddy had gone.

After that, I decided not to put out any more traps. I was a little concerned about what else I might find and honestly, the squirrels must not have been into the peanut butter and crackers that I was serving.

So to me, possums definitely remind me of the South. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it. If you are attending the Gathering, please consider voting for my Mama (her name is Magnolia) and her baby- Blossom. Thank you, thank you very much.