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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art Dolls at ACC

I am not a doll collector, but art dolls have always intrigued me. Well, this time, perhaps a little more than that. I bought the one of the left by Charlie P., the doll making teacher next door to me at the last session of Appalachian Center for Craft.

Charlie told us that having made art dolls for a lot of years, she has noticed that buyers will not choose a broad range of dolls, but certain ones will "speak" to them. Upon hearing that, it made me smile, because she had an array of at least 30, and this one was the only one that I really wanted.

As folks were looking at them, I asked what was it about each of the dolls that drew them to that specific one...answers ranged from the doll reminding them of someone, or their handmade clothing, the hair was cool, or whatever. Most of the time, they had to think what the actual reason was- because it would be more of a feeling that "this is the one".

So of course I tried to analyze my choice. I love her clothes. There is an organic element to them, yet they are in my favorite colors. I like her thick yarn hair, although if it had been another color, I would have been fine. But I also love her sweet countenance...she looks serene and at peace. I'm still deciding on her name. If you have ideas, please feel free to post them. And meanwhile, this overgrown kid, will enjoy her new doll.