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Friday, July 2, 2010

Modern Murrine

Have you ever checked out Frantz Art Glass's Rare Murrine section of their website? I did the other day. It's worth a few minutes to see what is listed.

For example, this is a slice of "Dalmation Pup" by Mario dei Rossi. It is 15 mm wide and 3 mm thick. It was made by what is described as the "fused rod" method, which makes me wonder how large it was, when it was pulled?

Oh, and this is one of the less expensive ones- this little chip is just $600.

And I thought I'd clarify something. In the US, we tend to call all of these chips "murrini". When I was in Italy, glass artists and vendors continuously corrected us. The singular word for one chip is "murrina" and the plural is "murrine".
Ah, good trivia. I just wish I were better at making them....

See you Sunday...tomorrow is my day off