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Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was reading the Society of American Mosaic Artists' website recently and saw a question they had asked award winning members...

"Why do I express myself in mosaics?" and their varied responses touched me in so many ways. Partially, because I love to hear how each artist has chosen their area and why.

Do you ever think about it for your work too? I know I get asked that question in different ways pretty often.

I'd love to hear your response. So please post it in the comments. Tell my why do you?

And as for me, it was a multitude of reasons. I had been working in watercolors and loved layering the colors and the look of sunlight streaming through them. I thought perhaps glass would be able to do that for me too. And a somewhat oblique reason was that I was rather frightened both of broken glass and flames. I knew by facing that, and having a wonderful reward for dealing with it, would help me get over it. (and yes, for you subscribers, that's why I chose to sky dive too- I am scared of heights).

But back to the artistic reasons.. please share with me your thoughts. I know that there are some wonderful feelings that are evoked when we discuss our mediums and I'd love to hear yours.